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"Wonderful cleaning job, and always put everything back exactly the way it was. Holly was very responsive to any requests as well!" -Laura Everhart

"Wonderful cleaning service. Thorough, efficient, flexible with scheduling, and great with pets (we have a dog and a cat). They use an online billing system which is very convenient. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Green Clean!"

-Andi Favini

"Fantastic cleaning service, will totally work with your schedule. Also, if you have any specific requests/considerations of how or if certain things are cleaned (I.e. a picture frame, TV, stereo system) they totally listen. Great with pets too! Really considerate and responsible, definitely recommended as house cleaners."

-Nick Zinobile

"It's a great feeling coming home from the day to a nice clean house, and they have been very responsive when we've had questions. I can't recommend them highly enough."

-Bill Laboon

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